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This Requiem was first sung at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-Salem, NC, at All Saints in 2007. It was designed specifically to fit the Communion service of commemoration we have on All Saints Sunday, so it has normal Requiem movements as well as movements for certain spots in our service, such as the reading of names of members who have died in the past year. Some of the movements are in Latin and others are in English.


The Requiem is scored for SATB choir, treble choir, string quartet, and organ. There are no vocal solos. I have a piano/vocal rehearsal score, but the Requiem is not intended to be sung with piano or organ accompaniment alone. I have considered expanding the instrumentation to a chamber orchestra, but that would be down the road.


This PDF is not the entire Requiem, but just a handful of sample pages of the full score, along with my notes, to give you an idea of the shape of the piece. If you are interested I can send you a perusal copy of the score and a CD of the Requiem as sung by the choirs at Augsburg.

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